Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jang/Geo journnalists wreak havoc at Karachi Press Club

An unruly group of Jang/Geo Group journalists violently disrupted Cable Operators Association of Pakistan's (COAP) press conference here on Friday afternoon, Samaa reported.
According to sources, as soon as the president of COAP, Khalid Aaraeen started speaking to media at Karachi Press Club (KPC) , dozens of angry Jang Group journos attacked him with barbs of all kinds.
This is for the first time in the history of KPC that "freedom of expression" was so brutally strangled by none other than those who claim to be its biggest proponents.
The argument, which started with an exchange of allegations took a turn for the worst at the very outset of the press briefing. "The wild brawl that ensued left the KPC press conference room in an utter mess", said a Samaa TV reporter.
Shattered windowpanes, broken furniture, mangled electronic equipment, torn-down curtains, and other destroyed property of KPC spoke volumes about the 'Sturm und Drang' it saw in a short time.
After wreaking the mayhem, which analysts say was premeditated, Jang Group staffers succeeded in sending the cable operators packing.
Later talking to Samaa TV, Khalid Araeen condemned Jang Group mediamen’s shameful sabotage of their press conference.
“We were manhandled, threatened, and cursed, by the Jang Group journalists”, said he.
To a question, he said that COAP was not expecting such hooliganism for the so-called educated journalists representing Pakistan's largest media group.
“It was absolutely shocking. They just pounced on us like hungry wolves. We were accused of depriving Jang/Geo employees of their livelihood”, said he.
When asked whether Geo TV's transmission will be shut down, he said, "It’s nothing personal; however, we believe in the recently issued 'fatwa' (religious edict), according to which watching Geo TV is a sin."

He further added that cable operators would not propagate anything that was against Islam.

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